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002 ASP Exam Prep Course (I) 003 CSP Exam Prep Course (I)
004 STS Exam Prep Course (BYOL) (A) 005 CET Exam Prep Course (A)
006 SMS Exam Prep Course (A) 007 CHST Exam Prep Course (I)
008 OHST Exam Prep Course (A) 009 CHMM Exam Prep Course (I)
SAFETY MANAGEMENT 010 Safety Management I (B) 011 Safety Management II (B) 012 Corporate Safety Management (B)
013 Advanced Safety Management Methods (B) 014 Influential Leadership Skills (A) 015 Business Continuity Planning (BCP) (I)
016 Creating a Business Case for OSH Initiatives in Your Organization (BYOL) (A) 017 Lean Six Sigma Tools for Safety Professionals (BYOL) (A) 018 ROI for Safety (I) 019 Workers' Compensation for the Safety Professional (I) 020 The OOPS and OWW of OSH (I)
021 Safeguarding Employees Who Work Alone (B) 022 Hazard Recognition for the Field Employee (B) 023 ANSI/ASSP Z16: Modern Metrics for the Safety Professional (A) 024 Analytics for Safety: A New Approach to Performance Measurement (A) 025 Incident Exploration: Using Critical Analysis to Improve Safety Culture (I)
026 Safety and Technology (BYOL) (A)
027 Employment Law for Safety Professionals (I) 028 Process Safety: An Introduction to OSHA's Process Safety Management Standard (I) 029 JHA Workshop (I)
030 Applied Industrial Hygiene for the Safety Professional (B) 031 Assessing Your Organization and Applying the Total Worker Health Model (I) 032 Beyond Compliance: A Healthier Workplace makes for a Safer Workplace (A) 033 The Four Core Components of Safety Excellence (A) 034 Strategic Skills for Improving and Maintaining Safety Performance (A)
GLOBAL / INTERNATIONAL 035 Managing Safety and Health (I) 036 Implementing a Safety & Health Management System (I) 037 International Standards & Legal Requirements for Safety Management (I) 038 Cultural Competency Strategies (I) 039 Working Abroad: Far Far Away but Not Forgotten (I)
RISK 040 Manage Risk, Not Safety (A) 041 Risk Assessment Course (I) 042 Risk-Based Incident Analysis (I) 043 Risk Management for the Safety Professional (B)
044 Practical Application: Improve Decision Making & Risk Management (B) 045 Essential Risk Assessment Tools (BYOL) (B) 046 Risk Assessment Course (I) 047 Training a Risk Assessment Team (I)
048 Risk Based Process Safety Management (A) 049 Prevention through Design (I) 050 Risk Communication (BYOL) (A) 051 Bowtie Risk Assessment (I)
052 Targeted Incident Prevention (I) 053 Principles of Machine Safeguarding (B) 054 Electrical Safety I: Basic Principles (B) 055 Electrical Safety II: Electrical Safe Work Practices with Application of NFPA 70E (2018 Edition): Risk Assessment & Control (I)
SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS 056 Implementing ISO 45001 Course (I) 057 Developing a System Approach to Risk & Safety (I) 058 Systems Thinking: Avoid Creating Tomorrow's Problem With Today's Solutions (I) 059 Implementing an ANSI/ASSP Z10 Management System Based on the New View of Safety (I)
060 Auditing Safety & Health Management Systems (I) 061 Implementing ISO 45001 Course (I) 062 Internal OHSMS Auditing Using ISO 45001 (I)
FALL PROTECTION/ CONSTRUCTION 063 Hazard Hunt (L) 064 Effective Fall Protection Programs (I) 065 Fall Protection Certificate Course (I)
066 Confined Spaces: Assessment, Entry and Rescue (BYOL) (B) 067 Scaffold Hazard Management (B) 068 Critical Issues in Construction Safety (B)
HUMAN PERFORMANCE 069 Using Performance Technology for Safety Results (I) 070 Altering Habits to Improve Safety and Total Organizational Performance (I) 071 Human and Organizational Performance (I) 072 Behavior Based Safety for Today's Realities (A) 073 Advanced Human Performance Techniques for Safety Professionals (BYOL) (A)
LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT 074 Seven Insights into Safety Leadership (A) 075 Servant Leadership (A) 076 Leadership Techniques that Effect Change (I) 077 Strategic Thinking for Excellence in Safety (I) 078 Building a High Performing Team Using Strengthscope (I) 079 Becoming a REAL Leader: Principles & Practices for Accelerating Performance (I)
080 Understanding Generational Differences for a More Effective Workforce (B) 081 Becoming an Effective Independent Consultant (I) 082 Realizing Your Leadership Potential (I) 083 Communication Is a Contact Sport: Use the Decker Method to Perfect Your Safety Message (B) 084 Coaching to Improve Safety & Health Performance (I) 085 Building Your Brand Identity (A)
086 How Generational Stereotypes Impact Individuals & Teams (L)
087 Gender & Diversity: Understanding How They Impact Your Safety Culture (L) 088 Change Management for Safety Professionals (I)
TRAINING & COMMUNICATION 089 ANSI Z490 Training Techniques (B) 090 Needs Assessment and Program Evaluation (I) 091 Build a Safety Training Course in a Day (BYOL) (I) 092 How to Become a Safety Training Ninja (I) 093 Technical Writing Skills for the Safety Professional (I) 094 Train the Trainer (L)
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