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CERTIFICATION PREP 006 Math Review for Certification Exams (B) 001 ASP Exam Prep Workshop (I) 005 CSP Exam Prep Workshop (A)
007 OHST Exam Prep Workship (I)
009 CANCEL STS Exam Prep Course- Section 1 (A) 004 CHST Exam Prep Workshop (I)
008 SMS Exam Prep Course- Section 1 (I) Selected 010 SMS Exam Prep Course- Section 2 (I) Selected
003 CHMM Exam Prep Workshop (I) Selected 002 CET Exam Prep Workshop (I) Selected
SAFETY MANAGEMENT 104 Corporate Safety Management (B) 112 Safety Management I (B) 113 Safety Management II (B) Selected
110 Process Safety: An Introduction to OSHA's Process Safety Management Standard (I) Selected 108 OSH Boot Camp (B) Selected 116 The OOPS and OWW of OSH (I) Selected 111 Safeguarding Employees Who Work Alone (B) Selected 114 Hazard Recognition for the Field Employee (B) Selected 107 JHA Workshop (I) Selected
101 Advanced Safety Management Methods (A) 105 Creating Line Management Safety Leadership (I) 106 Influential Leadership Skills (A)
109 Preventing Fatal & Severe Losses- Nine Interventions that Really Matter (A) Selected 115 The Business of Safety (A) Selected 100 Advanced Safety Management for Superior Performance (A) 102 Analytics for Safety: A New Approach to Performance Measurement (A) 103 Lean Six Sigma Tools for Safety Professionals (A) Selected
RISK 205 Risk Assessment Workshop (I) 208 Training a Risk Assessment Team (I) 200 Bowtie Risk Assessment (I) Selected 207 Targeted Accident Prevention (I) Selected
201 Managing Risk, Not Safety (A) 202 Prevention Through Design (I) Selected
204 Risk-Based Process Safety Management (A) Selected 206 Risk Communication: A Journey from Hazards Identification to Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) (A) Selected 203 Principles of Machine Safeguarding: Risk Assessment & Control (B) Selected
SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS 304 ISO 45001 Certificate Workshop - Section 1 (I) Selected 305 ISO 45001 Certificate Workshop - Section 2 (I) Selected
301 Developing a System Approach to Risk & Safety (I) Selected 303 Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis (I) 300 Auditing Safety & Health Management Systems (I) 306 Systems Thinking: Avoid Creating Tomorrow's Problems with Today's Solutions (I) Selected 302 Implementing an ANSI Z10 Management System Based on the New View of Safety (I) Selected
FALL PROTECTION 400 Effective Fall Protection Programs (I) Selected 401 Fall Protection Certificate Workshop (I) Selected
CONSTRUCTION 909 Lockout/Tagout (I) Selected 901 Confined Spaces, Evaluation, Entry, and Rescue (I) Selected 902 Critical Issues in Construction Safety (B) 910 Scaffold Hazard Management (I) Selected 906 Fall Hazard Awareness (B) Selected
GLOBAL / INTERNATIONAL 502 Managing Safety and Health (I) Selected 500 Implementing a Safety & Health Management System (I) Selected 501 International Standards & Legal Requirements for Safety Management (I) Selected
HUMAN BEHAVIOR 805 Predicting Errors Using Human Performance Measurement Tools (I) Selected 802 Cognitive Bias in Safety: Controlling the Consequences (A) Selected 801 Behavior-Based Safety for Today's Realities (A) 803 Human & Organizational Performance (I) 800 Altering Habits to Improve Safety and Total Organizational Performance (B) Selected 804 People-Based Safety: The Human Dynamics of Achieving an Injury-Free Workplace (A)
LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT 610 Technical Writing Skills for the Safety Professional (I) Selected 606 Facilitating Participatory Decision Making (A) Selected 601 Becoming an Effective Independent Consultant (I) Selected 614 Using Appreciative Inquiry to Achieve Transformational Results (I) Selected 609 Negotiation Skills for Safety Professionals (I) Selected 607 From Project Manager to Project Leader (I) Selected
612 Servant Leadership (A) Selected 608 Leadership Techniques to Effect Change (I) Selected 604 Coaching to Improve Safety & Health Performance (A) 603 Business Continuity Planning (BCP) (I) Selected 613 Strategic Thinking for Excellence in Safety (I) 611 Realizing Your Leadership Potential (I) Selected
605 Establishing Your Place in the C-Suite (E) Selected 600 7 Insights Into Safety Leadership (E) 602 Beyond Safety...Diagnosing and Treating the Barriers to Safety Performance Excellence (E)
TRAINING & COMMUNICATION 704 Managing and Training a Spanish Speaking Workforce (I) Selected 703 Leadership Safety Coaching (E) Selected 700 Designing Effective Training- Instructional Design Basics (I) Selected 705 Peer-to-Peer Training for Supervision, Safety Advocates, & Safety Committees (B) Selected 701 How to Become a Safety Training Ninja (I) Selected 706 Working with Multi-Generational Adult Learners (B) Selected
702 CANCEL Instructional Design Principles for Adult Learning (A)
TECHNICAL 908 Legal Issues and Exposures in the Safety Practice (I) Selected 900 Can I Get a Witness? The Rules & Art of an Expert Witness (A) Selected 905 Employment Law for Safety Professionals (I) Selected
907 Industrial Hygiene for the Safety Professional (B) Selected 903 Electrical Safety I: Basic Principles (B) 904 Electrical Safety II: NFPA 70E (2018 Edition) (I)
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