Learning Paths

With over 94 courses to choose from across an entire week, SeminarFest offers safety professionals the opportunity to build a schedule unique to their needs. Here are a few learning paths we’ve mapped out by experience level, to help you plan out your time at SeminarFest. You can view the full course schedule here.

New to the Profession

SeminarFest is an excellent resource for professionals who are new to the OSH industry. Whether you are a recent grad or just made a career change into safety, there are fundamental skills that will give you a leg up and help you progress. The courses in this learning path will set you up for success as you begin your journey into safety.

Dates Course Name Length/CEUs
February 3 610. Technical Writing Skills for the Safety Professional 1 Day / .7 CEU
February 4 108. OSH Boot Camp 1 Day / .7 CEU
February 5 116. The OOPS and OWW of OSH 1 Day / .7 CEU


Safety professionals in the Intermediate level have about 6-10 years of safety experience. This learning path at SeminarFest is geared towards building skills that will help you make the business case for safety at your organization and become a leader. Discover your potential to influence, and return to your workplace inspired to create change.

Dates Course Name Length/CEUs
February 4 608. Leadership Techniques to Effect Change 1 Day / .7 CEU
February 5 604. Coaching to Improve Safety & Health Performance
700. Designing Effective Training- Instructional Design Basics
1 Day / .7 CEU
February 6 603. Business Continuity Planning (BCP) 1 Day / .7 CEU
February 7 613. Strategic Thinking for Excellence in Safety 1 Day / .7 CEU
February 8 607. From Project Manager to Project Leader 1 Day / .7 CEU


Safety professionals in the Advanced level have been in the industry for 10+ years, maintain certification(s) and may have earned at least one ASSP Certificate. This SeminarFest learning path introduces courses at a higher and more technical skill level, so you can continue to expand your knowledge and add to your toolbox.

Dates Course Name Length/CEUs
February 5-6 100. Advanced Safety Management for Superior Performance 2 Days / 1.4 CEUs
February 7 102. Analytics for Safety: A New Approach to Performance Measurement 1 Day / .7 CEU
February 8 103. Lean Six Sigma Tools for Safety Professionals 1 Day / .7 CEU

Thought Leadership

This elite learning path is for the safety professional with substantial experience, knowledge and credentials. Are you interested in sharing your expertise and building your thought leadership within the industry? These courses at SeminarFest will guide you through instructional design and class development, and then refine your teaching method to resonate with all learners.

Dates Course Name Length/CEUs
February 6-7 702. CANCEL Instructional Design Principles for Adult Learning 2 Days / 1.4 CEUs
February 8 706. Working with Multi-Generational Adult Learners 1 Day / .7 CEU