600. 7 Insights Into Safety Leadership

February 4, 2018

.7 CEU 1 Day 8:00am – 4:30pm

Seminar Description

A key challenge many EHS professionals face is how to partner with senior leaders to develop and implement a
highly effective safety improvement strategy. Kristen Bell, co-author of 7 Insights into Safety Leadership, will guide you through the essential principles that every safety leader needs to understand in order to develop and execute a strategy that improves safety, and supports business improvement generally. Each participant will receive a copy of the 7 Insights book, which is based on decades of experience and industry-leading research. Advance copies may be requested in order to enrich your workshop experience and discussion.

Learn to:
  • Articulate a compelling business case for improving safety performance by engaging employees and building
  • Explain why a dual-strategy for reducing exposure to hazards may be required;
  • Define and recognize key safety leadership attributes;
  • Define and recognize two dimensions of culture needed to sustain safety and business improvements;
  • Partner with senior leaders to create a roadmap for developing a positive safety culture and sustainable safety


Kristen Bell, Partner, Ojai, CA; David Libby, Consulting Services/ Krause Bell Group, Ojai, CA