Advance your career with ASSP Certificates.

Use ASSP Certificates to help you in your career journey and boost your resume. Our six different Certificate Programs are an opportunity for advancement, recognition, and demonstration of expertise. All Certificate Program required courses and elective courses are offered at Seminarfest. This is your chance to start or complete an entire ASSP Certificate in one week.

ASSP Safety Management Certificates

Certification in Safety Management

ASSP’s Certificate in Safety Management provides a forum to share challenges, craft solutions, and implement the necessary skills to be successful in positioning safety in your organization. (Mandatory courses (5.6 CEUs) | Elective courses (1.6 CEUs) - Fourteen hours of electives are needed to complete the CEU requirement for the certificate. Electives are taken in addition to the certificate’s mandatory courses. You can choose any ASSP elective courses that best serve your professional interests. We offer a variety of in-person and online events where they can be completed.)

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Executive Program in Safety Management

This recently revised program is a natural extension to ASSP’s Certificate in Safety Management. Built for safety professionals looking to achieve the highest level of safety management, the Executive Program now features contemporary safety management methods and influential leadership strategies. (Mandatory courses (3.5 CEUs) | Elective Courses (1.4 CEUs)- *Still need 0.7CEUS - choose to take a class online or in the classroom within 2 years)

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Global Safety Management

With this certificate you will be able to establish and maintain safe work places anywhere in the world. When you participate in the program you gain the professional expertise and knowledge of the most effective techniques in safety and health management. (Mandatory courses (2.8 CEUs) | Elective Courses (2.2 CEUs) - *Still need: 0.8 CEUs– choose to take a class online or in the classroom within 5 years.)

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ASSP Specialized Certificates

Fall Protection Certificate

As falls continue to be one of the foremost causes of on-the-job injuries and fatalities, this program will comprehensively cover the ANSI/ASSP Z359.2 standard regarding the requirements for a comprehensive managed fall protection program, as well as other relevant and current issues surrounding fall protection. Note, this is not intended to be competent or qualified person fall protection training.

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ISO45001 Certificate

ASSP’s ISO 45001 Certificate Program focuses on the effective implementation of the 45001 standard. The program offers a blended learning experience, comprised of an online pre-course module and a three-day classroom course, and will give safety professionals the guidance to consistently manage effective safety programs worldwide.

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Risk Assessment Certificate

The ASSP Risk Assessment Certificate will better enable you to implement risk-based approaches and measures to proactively lead your organization in the mitigation of risk in advance of injuries or catastrophic events. (*Still need- completion of a final project)

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