Communicating And Managing Risk

Thomas Kramer

One of the greatest challenges safety professionals face is managing the risks associated with an operation. Risk management depends in large part on effectively communicating risks to decision makers who have the power to address those risks, and instituting appropriate controls to mitigate risks and hazards.
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Human and Organizational Performance

Human and Organizational Performance

The human and organizational performance approach to safety understands that workplaces are complex and that many factors can lead to incidents and near-hits. There is not always one readily identifiable root cause of incidents, and in many cases, several factors contributed to an event.
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SeminarFest 2018 Preview: Effective Fall Protection Programs & Fall Protection Certificate Workshop – Thomas Kramer

Thomas Kramer At SeminarFest 2018, Thomas Kramer, P.E., CSP, managing principal of LJB Inc., will instruct an Effective Fall Protection Programs course, as well as the first ever Fall Protection Certificate Workshop. These sessions will teach attendees fall protection in accordance with the ANSI Z359 family of standards. Topics include conducting fall hazard assessments, establishing and evaluating the effectiveness of a managed fall protection program, understanding fall protection system use, limitations and restrictions, and developing fall protection system use and rescue procedures.
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SeminarFest 2018 Preview: 7 Insights Into Safety Leadership – Kristen Bell

7 Insights Into Safety Leadership

What does it take to be a great safety leader? Over a long career in OSH, Kristen Bell, partner at Krause Bell Group, has developed a number of insights into answering that question.
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SeminarFest 2018 Preview: From Project Manager to Project Leader – Heath Suddleson

Heath Suddleson At SeminarFest 2018, Heath Suddleson, PSP/DTM PID, president at the Project Leadership Academy, will present “From Project Manager to Project Leader.” In this course, Suddleson will discuss some skills that distinguish a project manager from a project leader, and how an OSH professional can implement those skills to drive success on projects and in companies.
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Seven Fundamental Leadership Lessons

Seven Fundamental Leadership Lessons

OSH professionals are always looking for tools to engage employees in safety efforts. While there are several skills a company can utilize to drive safety improvement, here are seven fundamental leadership lessons to help bring a team to a self-directed motivational state.
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How to Write a Company Health & Safety Plan

Follow these best practices for writing a workplace health and safety plan.

How to Write a Company Health & Safety Plan

As an OSH professional, part of your job is to create a health and safety plan for your company. With so many stakeholders - employees, mid-level managers, company leadership—this may seem like quite a challenge.
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5 Signs You Need to Improve Employee Safety Training

Signs You Need to Improve Your Employee Safety Training

5 Signs You Need to Improve Employee Safety Training

Workplace injury risks are not something to take lightly.

Whether you operate in the public or private sector, every employee in your company should have sufficient safety training.

It matters just as much for a new hire as it does for senior-level executive, and it applies to any industry. Work-related injuries can affect a construction worker on a busy site just as much as they can an administrative assistant in an office building.

Safety is everyone's concern, which means that proper employee safety training is everyone's responsibility.

Not sure how well your training is performing?
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My Insights from SeminarFest

First-time attendee, Mario Hidalgo, shares his experience at ASSE's SeminarFest 2017

Mario Hidalgo

Overall Experience

SeminarFest overall was a great experience! With this being my first time attending, I wasn’t sure what to expect. It’s a well-organized event and this reflects the hard work from the ASSE Staff.
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SeminarFest 2017 Preview: Becoming an Effective Independent Consultant

Deborah Roy is one of several SeminarFest speakers ASSE is featuring in anticipation of SeminarFest 2017, set to take place Feb 9-16, 2017 in Las Vegas, NV. She recently talked with us about Becoming an Effective Independent Consultant, one of the seminars she will present at this year’s SeminarFest.

How has the course evolved over the past 18 years?
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A message from our new SeminarFest Ambassador: Mario Hidalgo

Mario HidalgoHi everyone! My name is Mario and I recently registered to attend my first ASSE SeminarFest! I look forward to sharing with you my preparation leading up to the event, my experience while I’m there and how I put into practice what I learn after I return home. Follow me on my journey! I’ll be posting interviews with SeminarFest instructors, some of my favorite articles from industry thought leaders, tips on preparing for a successful SeminarFest and live coverage of the event. You can find links to my social media profiles below – follow, like, comment, and (most importantly) join the conversation!
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Preventing Incidents & Fatalities

Eight questions every senior leader should ask

By Thomas R. Krause, Donald R. Groover and Donald K. Martin
Krause is a speaker at this year’s SeminarFest luncheon presentation, The Future of Behavior-Based Safety. Learn more about it here.

This article was first distributed in Professional Safety in June 2010.
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Moving From Compliance to Risk-Based Systems

Five Tips to Help OSH Professionals Make the Big Switch

By Pam Walaski
Walaski is an instructor for ASSE’s Risk Assessment Certificate Program seminar coming up at SeminarFest. Learn more about it here.

This article was first distributed in Professional Safety in November 2016.
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SeminarFest 2017 Preview: Predicting Errors Using Human Performance Measurement Tools & Managing Disruptive Industries

Shane Bush

Shane Bush CPT, President of BushCo Inc., Idaho Falls, ID, will be presenting both “Predicting Errors Using Human Performance Measurement Tools” and "Disruptive Safety: Managing Safety in an Industry Facing Changes Forced by Competition” at SeminarFest 2017. In these sessions, Bush will explain the human performance measurement tools used to help get human error related incidents in the workplace down to zero as well as how to evaluate, adapt, manage and turn disruptions into safety advantages.

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Influencing the Behavior of Senior Leadership

What makes a great safety leader?

By Dr. Thomas R. Krause
Dr. Krause is a speaker at this year’s SeminarFest luncheon presentation, The Future of Behavior-Based Safety. Learn more about it here.

This article was first distributed in Professional Safety in June 2004. Although this article was published more than 10 years ago, the ideas and concepts that Dr. Krause describes remain relevant to OSH professionals trying to identify effective mechanisms for influencing the leadership behavior of senior managers, particularly as it relates to OSH.
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Preventing Serious Injuries & Fatalities

Study Reveals Precursors & Paradigms
By Donald K. Martin and Alison A. Black This article was first distributed in Professional Safety in September 2015. To see the full article with images, charts and figures, click here.

Over the past decade, the rates of serious injuries and fatalities (SIFs) have declined at a much slower rate than less-serious workplace injuries. This problem should raise serious questions and implications for safety leaders at all organizational levels, from the first level of supervision to the senior-most executive and board member, and to the labor leader and government regulator.
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SeminarFest 2017 Preview: Controlling Cognitive Bias & Uncovering the Causes of Catastrophic Events

Don MartinDon Martin, M.P.H., CSP, CIH, senior vice president at DEKRA Insight, is presenting at SeminarFest 2017: “Cognitive Bias in Safety: Controlling the Consequences” and “Uncovering the Real Causes of Fatalities and Severe Loss.” Martin to discuss the major role cognitive bias plays in safety and how to best analyze situations in which a catastrophic event has occurred.
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Get On Board the ISO 45001 Train

Many in the OSH professional view the pending ISO 45001 standard on OSH management systems as the most significant safety-related standard in a generation. As administrator of the U.S. technical advisory group advising ANSI on the standard's development, ASSE and its members are playing a lead role in shaping its contents.
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SeminarFest 2017 Preview: Strategic Thinking and Policy Writing for Safety Professionals

Trish EnnisFormer ASSE President Trish Ennis, M.S., CSP, ARM, CRIS, is presenting two sessions at SeminarFest 2017 – “Strategic Thinking for Excellence in Safety” and “Policy Writing for Better Control of Safety.” Recently, Ennis took some time to discuss why strategic thinking and effective communication are essential to OSH professionals.
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Ready. Set. GO to SeminarFest.

SemFest Infographic

There are plenty of reasons why over 1,000 safety professionals go to SeminarFest year after year. For some, it’s the 80+ seminars they can choose from to build a custom schedule specific to their interests and needs.
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Addressing Workplace Violence: Taking Proactive Steps

Carol Fredrickson knows only too well that her phone will start ringing when a tragic workplace shooting takes place. It is a pattern she has seen repeated many times, the latest example being the Aug. 26, 2015, on-air shooting of two television journalists by a disgruntled former station employee. Fredrickson, CEO of Violence Free, a global violence prevention consulting firm, and a 15-year law enforcement veteran, believes the shock of these incidents often shakes people from a state of denial about workplace violence.
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ASSE’s Risk Assessment Certificate Program Offers New Skills & Tools

Workplace situations and challenges are constantly evolving, and safety professionals must evolve along with them. To that end, ASSE offers a Risk Assessment Certificate Program. Risk assessment is a process that helps identify and prioritize workplace risks. “Compliance with any kind of standard does not give you prevention,” says Dee Woodhull, CSP, CIH, principal at MERCER. Woodhull is part of the committee that oversees ASSE’s Risk Assessment Institute. “The standards from OSHA represent compromises and consensus on issues—there’s no way [to specify] every single situation that people will find themselves in at work.”
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SeminarFest 2016 Registration is Open

Registration is open for SeminarFest 2016, taking place February 5-11 at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV. Each year, this 7-day event offers an intense, focused learning experience with more than 80 seminars – giving attendees the opportunity to earn up to 5.1 CEUs/Recertification Points. Attendees are able to prepare for their certification with certification preparation workshops (ASP, CSP, CHST, OHST, CHMM, CET, or STS) or works towards one of four different ASSE Certificate Programs. SeminarFest instructors are among the industry's best – diving deep into each topic and delivering insight based on real experience.
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